Monday, February 10, 2014


I have come to love making chalkboard invitations and such! 

I love the causal feel to them! And it's fun finding new fonts and colors that go well together!!

My biggest type is to find fonts that already look handwritten or chalkboard like! (See previous post for list of chalkboard fonts) 

I use for all my fonts! They have the biggest selection of free ones! 

It's always good to mix and match fonts! Gives it some life. Mix cursive with sans serif of big bold fonts with hand written ones. 

Always try to stick to using light pastel colors! They look more natural! 

When adding a picture to a chalkboard background I recommend using a feathered effect because it takes away the sharp edges allowing it to look almost as if someone colored it onto the board. Or of course you could use a frame and maybe give it a drop shadow effect to make it look like it's hanging on the board!

Check out my Etsy shop for some of my chalkboard listings! :)

Tonight's Menu!

Chicken Ranch Tacos!!

Tonight I am gonna make some Chicken Ranch Tacos! Mmmm

I found this on Pinterest a while back and it was yummy! We had leftovers so made chicken ranch quesadillas the next night!!

All you need is:

Chicken (I cook mine then shred it, I've never bought canned chicken)
One packet of taco seasoning(can be chicken or beef)
Ranch dressing
Taco shells (we like soft flour ones)
And cheese, and whatever other toppings!

I make the Spanish rice Rice Sides brand to go with it!

Simplest thing to make!

Put shredded cooked chicken in skillet with taco seasoning (as directed on package) and as much ranch as you would like. I probably do about 1/2 to 1 cup of ranch! Let it simmer and heat up! While that's going just heat up some tortillas (or your taco shells). I also add some ranch dressing on top of my taco!

 I do the rice in the microwave for 15 min.

Wah La! Gotcha self a meal in less than 30 min! 

Enjoy :)