Monday, November 3, 2014

Home Decor!

Decorating with things you already have!

Frugal Decorating 

Ok, so if you know me personally you know I am pretty frugal! I love bargains! I don't do extreme couponing although, it's just too time consuming. I guess I am frugal when it comes to home decor items and clothing (for myself lol)

Well, today I got a little burst of energy to decorate some more of our house since I will be hosting a Stella & Dot jewelry trunk show next weekend. Well I am here today to show you how to save some money but still get a cozy-home decor!

I am all about pictures! I LOVE them! I have them all over the place. I am not afraid to have them everywhere either! So when we took our Christmas pictures I didn't order prints through the photographer because I had tons of Shutterfly coupons! I am officially OBSESSED with Shutterfly!

Here is the canvas set I ordered of our Christmas pictures to put above the couch! I had been wanting to do something like this for a while but wanting to wait until I got the right pictures and price!

These canvases, I think, are the best quality and prices! Here was my Price Break-Down!
Original Price for canvas set (includes: 3-8x10 and 1-24x36)
$329.96 - Before Shipping!
BUT! They do free shipping on orders $39.00 and over with promo code: SHIP39
Then, I had received a 35% off coupon in a package (can't remember from where!)
To make it even better, with my last Shutterfly order (I ordered just prints) they put a coupon in my package for a free gift! I got to choose between a few different things, I believer they were a mug, calendar, a 16x20 print and then something else. I chose a 16x20 print (which I have yet to hang up)
Anyways! So all that I only paid $214.30
Savings of $166.97!!! 

Ok now for my staircase! I had been looking for staircase decor since we moved into this house on Pinterest. At first I was just going to do a simple photo line on a diagonal, well then I forgot about our window at the top. I think started seeing alot of collage type walls and fell in love! Here's the picture and I will let you know prices after:)

Both S's are from Hobby Lobby - Which I have had both for well over a year so I cannot remember pricing but I know they were on sale when I purchased them!

All prints were also done at Shutterfly! (Paid $29.96 - Got 40% off - Had a savings of $11.96)

The 4 bottom frames are all from Ross Dress for Less - the 11x14 fames were $6.99 the 8x10 frames I had gotten like a year ago so I can't remember the prices but probably around the same.

I got the middle pallet-looking sign on Etsy from MyLydia for $40.00 plus shipping - although again, I have had that sign for about a year and a half!

The red sign above that reads "All Because Two People Fell in Love" again from Hobby Lobby! I also have had that for about a year or so.

The frame above that is also a Hobby Lobby - Which their frames are almost always 50% off! Which I have had forever! 

Now for our bedroom! I threw this together in minutes!

Ok a little back story, my husband had started building us a bed frame about 3 years ago! He was having to use my uncles tools and never finished, we moved from my mom's to a rent house, was trying to have it ready for there, well then we moved to my in-laws and had to put our bed in storage, so didn't work on it. When we moved into our own apartment he finally finished it but had to go back to work before getting it stained to put in our room. We finally moved into our current house and was able to stain the bed frame... Wellllll, long story short, the stain was the wrong color, decided to paint it, that was taking forever, we left it to dry and then all of a sudden a month passed and still wasn't done. This is when I accidentally knocked it over and broke it (oops!) My hubby wasn't happy! So I needed a plan b! Which was this!

OK! For prices and where to buy!
Our comforter I got, I believe, at Home Goods or Marshall's for like $60.00!

The little throw pillow is actually our old couch pillow with a cover on it from an Etsy shop called CastawayCoveDecor - I got the Pick Two for $28.00 plus shipping in the SpaBlue colors

The shutters I was iffy about but am begingin to LOVE them! These were actually left by the previous home owner and are just plastic ones but work perfect! Here a similar ones: BuildersEdge
They come in a pack of two!

The canvas prints are from Marshall's also which were $24.99 for both!

Lastly, the blinds (which have been up for a while) were a splurge from Home Depot

That's it for now! :) When I do our sunroom and office, I'll be sure to post it every step of the way! :)

<3 l.s.

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