Thursday, July 10, 2014

Favorite Free Fonts!

My Top 10 Go-To Favorite Free Fonts!

If you were to look at my font list on my computer your jaw would drop! I have close to 900 fonts! Yes 900! That every time I start an invitation, business card, save the date, whatever it may be; I have to search through to find the perfect font for the right style and theme I am trying to go for! Which usually results in me downloading MORE fonts! 

My favorite site for fonts is! They have the best free fonts! They are also super easy to download, no needing to restart the computer or anything! Although when I cannot find what I am looking for I result to no other than.. PINTEREST! lol.. A lot of blogs post their favorite fonts for different styles and links to each font. So I figured I would do the same to help you out! Here we go!

Here they are! :)

Links to each font. I do not own any of these fonts. All credit for each font goes to the creator of that font :)

Font For Heading

Font for Footing

Hope You Enjoy :)

-The Southard Belle

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